Main Hall is currently available for hire weekly Friday mornings and afternoons till 4pm

About the Petersfield Community Centre

The Petersfield Community Centre (PCC) has been at Love Lane since 1968 when the building, the old Civil Defence premises, was bought from Hampshire County Council. PCC is owned by an independent private trust, the Petersfield Community Association, and does not presently receive any grant support from County, District or Town Councils. Day to day matters are handled by a paid manager who reports to a Management Committee of Trustees.

We are always on the lookout for new trustees since they can only serve for 3 years with a maximum of one re-election before having to take a break. If you are interested in helping us by becoming a trustee, please contact us.

For the most part the Centre is a meeting point for many organisations, clubs and societies. In any one month our four rooms/halls are used by national (eg NHS), regional (eg HCC Social Services and tertiary education) and, primarily, local groups (eg University of the Third Age, Dog Training, Bee Keeping, Embroidery Groups, Philatelic and Bridge Clubs). The high level of use has enabled the Association to keep charges at, or often below, the local market price and our good off street parking facilities add to our attraction. 

The Management Committee is very active in seeking to both maintain and improve the Centre and has a determination that the Centre shall not be just another village hall. We are proud of our clean, well decorated centre and our level of business indicates that our users like it as well. You will find details of our charges and some views of our rooms elsewhere on our web page.